Art Collection

We are very glad to welcome you at this fine arts corner of Art-Cherdak, which can be translated from Russian as Art Attic!  Here you may find paintings made with oils or acrylic mediums. A painting is the best present for the beloved ones and friends, it is a bright expression of emotions and a splendid decoration of the interior. Each of the works is penetrated with love and inspiration, each sketch gives the customers a powerful charge of positive energy! The art collections are constantly being replenished and refilled! The paintings are performed in various art styles, among them are abstract works, conceptual art, impressionism, etc. There is a variety of different genres, such as landscape, still life and others. All paintings posted here are on sale. 

Please be kindly advised that some paintings presented on this website may be “free replicas” of already existing pictures. 

The information published on this website is of familiarizing character and is not a public offer by any means. Please indicate the link to the present source while copying the website materials.