Ladoga club, 16th of January, 4 pm, Address: Moscow, Belorusskaya subway.

This is the second creativity event of the Four Mirrors project. The subject this time is the beauty of the Russian nature in arts, poetry, music and dancing. The pictures will be perfect decorations to the concert and illustrations to the poems of the young authors. Dances and music will help become a part of the atmosphere of the Russian folklore. Mekhrabanan ensemble will present their own vision of Russian songs. Artists: Elena Kozodaeva, Lyubov Zavyalova, Maria Fileva, Oksana Shalimova, Tatiana Rudanovskaya and Olga Chutkova. Poets: Gleb Rodin, Karina Filippovich, Egor Tolmachev and others. Dances: Ladoga music bands, etc. Music: Mekhrabanan ensemble, Lozhnoverby music band, etc.