Sarrah Atekh is a singer, art-therapist, artist and an art-performer. She has an academic degree in music and psychology. She does not have a profiled artistic degree. At the moment, she earns her living by fine arts, art performances and playing musical instruments.

Since 2009 and until present Sarrah has started demonstrating her paintings and has taken part in the following exhibitions: a personal art exhibition “Dreams” in Moscow, an art exhibition called “A Trip” in tandem with Moscow artist and performer Grin Abissintsky in the art studio of Alexander Kostarev “A Cactus Cave”, a personal graphics exhibition “L’amoure est bleu” in the museum of the 60ies in Moscow, an exhibition together with an artist and a photographer Dmitry Petrov – Tverskoy in Tver and an exhibition of paintings titled “The Letters on Wings”, etc.

Sarrah does not sell the original s of her works commenting that it is hard to part with the results of her mental activity expressed on paper. Sometimes, the paintings go away easily being either presented or sold out. So, she has come up with an indolent solution – if you are interested in any of her works – she will paint them specially for you in a format and with paints which suit your liking most.